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Low cost heaters or approved and certified heaters?

Webasto cinese cri definitivissimo_Moment.jpg

The owner Cristian decides to investigate a very important and widespread topic: low-cost heaters or approved heaters  and equipped with  certification  for your  camper ?
"It's a question of safety and CE certification", the owner tells us. "It is important to make people understand", he continues, "that a low cost product is not always a poor product. In fact, in this case it is not a question of price differences, but of responsibility towards your vehicle, the people you care about. that you carry and those that travel next to you. "
A heater is a system that produces in the combustion chamber from 800 to 1000 degrees, which runs on diesel and monoxide, which uses current and therefore can cause situations of real danger. The cinebasto, informally called in this way to mimic the noble historical brand Webasto, was not born to be channeled. The fan power is very low when compared to a certified and approved heater. In addition, they have no control systems: the electronics have no certificate against certain radio frequencies. There is therefore no temperature control at the outlet of this heater. 
"It is a question of harming the life and safety of others", Cristian is keen to underline, "and incurring very high penalties, both for the mechanic and for the owner of the vehicle."

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