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Block Shaft 2
Your number 1 burglar alarm

BLOCK SHAFT 2(2).png

Block Shaft 2 is a new advanced device against theft of your vehicle. Reliable, safe and invisible: protects vehicles by absolutely eliminating the risk of theft. The lock is protected inside a conical sleeve capable of resisting any break-in attempt.


In practice, the Block Shaft 2 assembly consists in equipping the car with an additional armored steering lock, which is very difficult to disassemble in a short time and above all equipped with a release key that is difficult to counterfeit.

By locking the steering, the thief will not be able to drive the car because the wheels are literally locked in the parking position. The only way to mobilize a car with an active and working block shaft is to load the vehicle on a tow truck. At New Camper you will find certified specialists able to mount your number 1 alarm.

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