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New camper was born in 2015 from the passion for recreational vehicles of the owner, Cristian, an expert in the sector for over 10 years. 

Starting from the classic processing on caravans and campers up to more complex set-ups and customized customizations based on the customer's needs. 

The company's priorities are to satisfy even the most particular requests, stay up-to-date on new products through training courses to give a young and technological approach to the caravan and camper sector without forgetting the basics that have led this environment to be in continuous development. and, last but not least, always remain available to our customers.

Cristian Comastri owner of New Camper Srl

"From here it all started .."

New camper today is a company made up of people who love their work and dedicate professionalism and seriousness to what they do.  

A reality that grows every day thanks to the innovation and updating of specialized and current courses. We install quality products by developing partnerships with brands recognized all over the world.


We have recently been specializing in customized and removable tailor-made equipment for small and medium-sized vehicles, in order to be able to guarantee efficiency and availability for any type of request.

2salone del camper 2020

Cristian Comastri


Franco Nicolini

Commercial manager

"We create your dreams"

Erica Comerci

Administrative and commercial manager

Mattia Rosselli

Specialized technician and body builder

"Determination and commitment are my cornerstones"

"You can do anything as long as you have the passion, drive, focus and support."


"My work is my team, together we win"

Daniele Mazzacani 

Draftsman, designer and technician 

"You have to  to love  what you do to want it  do  everyday"

samuele balena x sito.png

Robert Matyus

Luca Comastri

Samuel Balena

Graziano Palazzolo

Manuele Coppelli 

Preparatore e Verniciatore

Preparer and Painter

“Ciò che conta di più sul lavoro è la dedizione del lavoratore.”

"The artist is nothing without the talent, but the talent is nothing without the work."

Specialized technician

"You invent things by thinking, but you realize them by doing"


"For everything that is worth having in life, it is worth working to get it"

Maintenance technician

"Work ennobles man"

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