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"Saturday night was a magical evening full of strong emotions", says the owner of the New Camper company, Cristian Comastri, awarded at the 110th anniversary celebration of the Italian Motorcycle Federation. "I am enormously grateful to FMI and Feder Moto for this honor. Never in my life would I have thought of reaching a milestone like this and obtaining an award of such importance."
The event, which took place in the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione, saw the best of Italian motorcycling, including accredited riders and Moto Clubs, gathering in favor of a great passion. The evening was also attended by Silvia Salis (Deputy Vice President of CONI), Renata Tosi (Mayor of Riccione) and Erika Stefani (Minister for Disabilities), who paid homage to the Junior World Champions before the award ceremony. Everything was then "seasoned" by the phenomenal entertainment of the comedian and presenter Max Giusti, much applauded by the audience, who was also passionate about motorcycles. Guests of honor of the evening, Valentino Rossi and Antonio Cairoli, gave emotions on stage and conveyed their love for the bike to everyone. The two who play the role of great Italian personalities recognized all over the world, whose careers have been fantastic, have marked the history of sport and have done so with great humility.
"Meeting great champions like Cairoli and Rossi", Comastri tells us, "was the icing on the cake of an unforgettable evening. In the world of two wheels the passion that binds all the riders is almost palpable and being together at such an event is the proof. "
This sport gives adrenaline and a sense of freedom at a very high level. Entering this world means letting yourself be overwhelmed by a real lifestyle, a 360 ° philosophy. It requires a great deal of commitment and many sacrifices, which is why New Camper is proud of the goal achieved by its owner.
"I want to thank the IMF President Giovanni Copioli, my NRG team, my sponsors, my family and all the people who in one way or another have helped me achieve this goal. Never in life, with so much pride, would I thought of receiving such a coveted award, "concludes Comastri.

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