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New Camper wishes you all happy holidays and a happy New Year

With the arrival of the new year it is important to retrace the moments that were for us the most important, the most difficult and the most pleasant. A company is made of bricks that fit together perfectly to remain solid and long-lasting. True, there are cracks and dents, but if the concrete that unites them is solid, made up of relationships of trust, esteem and mutual help, the company will not collapse.

The New Year is the right occasion to admire those cracks and think about all the efforts, the sacrifices made and understand that in the end they too are part of the company.
There are just a few days left until the end of this 2021, a year still characterized by a pandemic, but which has managed to give us moments of great joy and flashes of new-found normality. In work as in life, it is not always easy to evaluate oneself, especially in the proximity of the results obtained.


If we can look back and admire the entire journey we have made, it is above all thanks to the many people who believed in us: our customers, our friends, our collaborators and suppliers. Our greatest wishes go to all of them for a peaceful and prosperous 2022, made of love, support and great results.

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