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WEBASTO RV TRAINING 2021 Heating products - Hybrid solution

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Cristian and the New Camper technicians yesterday, as Webasto service, had the pleasure of participating in the WEBASTO RV TRAINING 2021 Heating products - Hybrid solution course. During the morning "we explored and revisited the mechanisms of air heaters", the owner Cristian tells us.
In the afternoon, however, the Webasto technicians allowed the participants to try their hand at the practical side in their laboratory in Molinella. Heaters full of defects that need to be fixed, in order to develop the technical efficiency on these high quality products.
"It was a great honor and a unique opportunity to be able to deepen my knowledge and my skills with professionals such as Alessio Turatti, always precise in the organization, Maurizio Giannandrea, exceptional technician, Maurizio Carlini, who passed himself in the practical course and Paolo Rossetti, unparalleled specialist, "concludes Cristian.  The collaboration with Webasto represents a focal point for the New Camper company from which it can grow more and more.

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