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We install Sky-up folding roofs

Immagine 2021-12-09 082142.png

On Thursday 2 December, at the Sky-Up headquarters in Rome, the installation course for the folding roofs designed for the Fiat Ducato H2, Citroën Jumper H2 and Peugeot Boxer H2 was held. Our owner Cristian Comastri went directly to the production factory to learn from the company the installation of a folding roof on a van from scratch.

Key features are the extreme simplicity of assembly and the weight much lower than other products on the market. This is divided into the various components, separated from each other, so as to allow assembly with a simple ladder, and therefore without the aid of a forklift. The basic structure only acts as a "container" for the mattress: the energy of the springs is in fact discharged onto the structure of the van, allowing the load-bearing frame on the base to be eliminated. Opening is quick and easy: just lift the top and the bed is ready, no further operation is required. They are homologated, do not need to be registered on the vehicle, high quality and suitable for any Ducato van (5.4m, 6m and 6.4m). They have the possibility of mounting led lights inside and have both winter and summer fabric. They are also equipped with USB sockets. The roof, with a surprising and captivating style, is made of fiberglass and vacuum molded with special machinery. In addition, the resin is insulated with 2 cm of polyurethane against 1.5 cm of the solutions now on the market. It has been designed not only to be as functional and practical as possible, but also to be attractive to the "finest palates".
Precisely for this reason, the design follows exactly that of the car: in this way, in addition to being "beautiful to look at", there is a maximum optimization of the seal, which is a known weak point of the other models on the market.

We are now licensed and able to mount folding roofs

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